Bore Pumps

Bore Pumps

Hydration Consultants have well over 20 years experience in bore pumps and all that encompasses the requirements of our clients. Those requirements are tank filling, irrigation, stock water and domestic supply. We're quite often asked which brand would we use when it comes to choosing a bore pump. The answer is simple. Considering the limited accessibility of a bore pump, we would only install the best quality available. The main brands we recommend is Grundfos, Lowara and Calpeda for the simple reason that you don't want to remove it for many years, and these brands last the distance.

We can also treat bore water to remove any existing iron–oxide, which can affect the performance of the bore pump. While it's natural for bores to temporarily run low on water, there could be an issue with the iron–oxide levels. If your bore pump is not functioning as you think it should, or as it once used to, give us a call to discuss your options.

Whatever your requirements, we have a bore pump solution.

Bore Pumps

Bore Treatments / Water Testing

Bore systems can suffer from certain naturally occuring interferences, which can slow down your bore water flow or even cease it completely. One of the most common issues we find with water bores is iron oxide bacteria, which is a horrible, sticky orange clay-like substance which can completely block the impellers in your pump if not properly treated.

We treat iron oxide bacteria with an organic product which has absolutely no harm on the aquifer, plants, grass or local creek and river systems. This also means that we don't need to pump your bore water to a waste line after treating it.

Water testing is also a large part of our services as sometimes we need to have an actual scientific reproduction of your water for us to treat it correctly. There are many common elements in bore water which can cause great harm to your plants, grass, crops or stock which can be easily removed with the right treatment.

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