Mobile & Workshop Repairs — Residential

We have an easy, affordable and stress free workshop or mobile water pump repair service. We service the Brisbane and greater Brisbane areas including parts of the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. We can complete almost any repair on–site with a comprehensive range of parts and fittings stocked in our service vehicles. Or if you prefer, you can disconnect your pump and bring it in to our workshop located in Sumner Park.

Our workshop contains specialised equipment for completing any pump repair. This includes our state–of–the–art test facility, which can simulate any scenario including precisely where your pump operates on its hydraulic curve. We also have electrical licenses and specialised equipment for performing all possible electrical tests.

Although the majority of residential inspections and repairs we undertake are pump related, we can also inspect items such as: pressure control switches, pressure tanks, rainwater to mains switches, electric motors etc. Call us to see if we can help with your repair needs.

What pumps do we inspect/repair?

While we certainly do our best, and always try to repair first before replacing (if economical to do so), unfortunately not every pump can be repaired. In saying that, we can test and repair almost any brand/model pump that shifts water.

The types of pumps we repair include:

How much will a pump repair cost?

All pump repair testing and diagnosis in our workshop is completely free of charge. We will always advise you first of our findings and all possible repair solutions and associated costs, seeking your approval prior to completing any repairs. As there are a myriad of possible repair scenarios, it is impossible to list all repair costs.

On–site (mobile) repairs will attract a call-out fee (starting from $55, depending on your location), which includes inspecting the pump to determine what is required for the repair.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your repair options.

How long will we have your pump for?

We understand that being without a working pump can be frustrating. In most cases, if you drop your pump to us at our workshop, we aim to have your pump inspected and the results communicated to you within 24–hours of the pump being left with us. Once we have the approval to repair your pump, we again aim to have the pump repaired within a further 24–hours.

Although our workshop is stocked with most common parts required to repair a pump, for pump repairs that require parts that we have to order in, the repair process will take a little longer, depending on the wait time from the supplier.

For emergency repairs, for example where you rely solely on rainwater to supply your household, we aim to have the pump repaired same–day, unless a specific part needs to be ordered. In this case, we have a number of loan pumps that may be able to be used in the interim.

For emergencies where you're unable to bring your pump to us, we will endeavour to get to you same–day.


Repairs — Commercial Pumping Systems

We have over 20 years experience in commercial pumping system repairs. From sewer and stormwater systems, to mains boosters, cooling system pumps and hot water circulators. We are also proficient in control equipment including variable frequency drive systems, PLC's and automation. These necessary skills make it essential for us to be able to complete an entire diagnosis on your commercial pumping system with confidence and fanatical attention to detail.

We are licensed for electrical work, confined space entry and we provide SWMS, where required, before any work has commenced. We also have a very quick response for emergency equipment breakdowns. We are extremely honest and fair and will only recommend replacing equipment if it is uneconomical or impossible to repair. Our strength in commerical pumping system repairs is in our ability to diagnose an issue efficiently due to our vast experience. There's nothing we haven't seen.

All work completed by experienced and licensed technicians — All work guaranteed.