Water Tank Pumps — Residential

Rainwater tank pumps may seem simple in theory, however they require some mathematical calculations to ensure the water coming from your shower, tap or irrigation system is exactly what you require. We use only the best European brands for absolute longevity and maintenance free pumping. Longevity and reliability is absolutely crucial if you rely completely on your rainwater to supply your household.

We will firstly calculate your new pump based on the type of water tank you have (above ground or underground), which has a dramatic impact on the type of pump you need. We then calculate the appropriate hydraulic performance curve based on the vertical head, friction loss and what pressure is required at the usable end. Secondary to this, we then ensure that all components of your system (check valve, pipe size, foot valve etc.) are correct so your new pump is operating at the most efficient part of the hydraulic curve to save you on power costs.

We can also treat your rainwater. For more information, see our filtration section.

Some of the brands we trust and recommend include: Grundfos, Lowara, Calpeda, Ebara, DAB, Wilo, Onga, Claytech and Goulds


Water Tank Pumps — Commercial

Using rainwater or recycled water for bathroom facilities in commercial buildings is becoming the norm these days. We can design, supply, install or service your rainwater or recycled water system. The right pumping system, coupled to one of our in-house custom made control systems means that your system will seamlessly switch over to mains water if the tank is empty. The control system can also include a BMS alert so you will always know when the system is using mains water.

We only use the best European brands for absolute longevity with minimal maintenance being a priority. We specialise in energy efficient variable speed systems to ensure the maximum amount of power saving. We can also design, supply and install a filtration/treatment system to suit your rainwater or recycled water system if required.

Some of the brands we trust and recommend include: Grundfos, Lowara, Calpeda, Wilo, Southern Cross and Ebara.

All work completed by experienced and licensed technicians — All work guaranteed.